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Why I Started Collecting and Building Watches 

Some people might think that collecting watches is a hobby for the rich and the snobbish, but I beg to differ. I started collecting watches not because I wanted to show wealth or status, but because I was fascinated by the history, craftsmanship, and the story behind these mechanical marvels.

I still remember the first watch that sparked my interest. It was my father’s vintage Rolex GMT Master. It was the transitional model 16750. My father still has that watch, and it looks as beautiful as the day he bought it four decades ago. He bought it in London on a business trip and told me the story behind the collaboration between Pan Am and Rolex for International pilots that needed an easy to read dial and a GMT function. A legend was born, but it also sparked my interest in watches.

I was hooked. I started reading books, magazines, and blogs about watches. I joined online forums and communities where I met fellow enthusiasts and experts. I visited watch shops and auctions where I saw and handled different models and brands. I saved up money and bought my first watch, a Seiko 5, which was affordable and reliable. I then gradually expanded my collection, adding more watches that caught my eye and appealed to my taste. I kept coming back to Seiko, because of their reliability and ability to be modded. Seiko have a great history too, with many famous models such as the 6105 ‘Turtle’ and the 6139 ‘Pogue’ just to name a couple. 

Now, I have over 20 watches in my collection, ranging from vintage classics to modern masterpieces. I love each and every one of them, and I wear them according to my mood, occasion, and outfit. I enjoy admiring their design and functionality. I appreciate their stories, history, and culture. I respect their makers, innovators, and influencers. Your watch, or watches should say something about you. Yes, and I do love my mods. I’m also passionate about creating Mods for you, so you can express yourself through your watch.

Collecting watches is not just a hobby for me, but a passion and a lifestyle. It has taught me a lot about art, science, and humanity. It has connected me with people who share my interest and enthusiasm. It has given me joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment. I love hearing from customers about what they think of their Mod watches.

Anyway, that’s a little about me and why I started collecting watches, and why I will never stop.

Kool Mods

At Kool Mods, because it is your watch, we believe you write the story and you modify in your way as an expression of you.

We at Kool Mods specialise in, and seek to create a homage or tribute to a famous or iconic milspec watches, with affordable, yet reliable quality components and a bulletproof Japanese movement that powers many, well known and more expensive watches. Some may seek to create a unique and original watch that showcases creativity and flair. Some may seek to create a simple and elegant watch that suits everyday needs and occasions. 

In conclusion, your watch is an expression of your personality, as you have a unique and original timepiece that reflects your identity and character. By choosing the model, parts, and style of your watch, you showcase, you! Be creative, and tell your story in your way.

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