The James Bond Omega Seamaster: A Timeless Bond

The James Bond Omega Seamaster: A Timeless Bond

James Bond, the world’s most famous spy, has been wearing an Omega Seamaster watch since 1995. The Seamaster is a perfect choice for 007, as it combines elegance, durability, and precision. The Seamaster is also a tribute to Bond’s naval background, as it is a professional diver’s watch that can withstand extreme water pressure.

But the Seamaster is not just a functional accessory for Bond. It is also a symbol of his style, personality, and legacy. Over the years, Omega has created special-edition watches for fans of the Bond franchise, featuring unique design elements that reflect the themes and characters of each movie. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most iconic Seamaster models that have accompanied Bond on his missions.

The first Seamaster to appear on Bond’s wrist was the Seamaster Diver 300M with a blue dial and bezel, worn by Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye (1995). This model was chosen by the Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming, who said:

"I was convinced that Commander Bond, a naval man, a diver and a discreet gentleman of the world would wear the Seamaster with the blue dial."

The Seamaster Diver 300M became a signature watch for Bond, as he wore it in the next three movies: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999), and Die Another Day (2002).

The Seamaster Diver 300M also marked the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between Omega and the Bond producers, who allowed Omega to integrate the watch into the plot and the action scenes. For example, in Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond uses his Seamaster to remotely detonate an explosive, and in The World Is Not Enough, he uses it as a grappling hook to escape from a nuclear facility.

In 2006, Daniel Craig took over the role of Bond and introduced a new era of realism and grittiness to the franchise. His first movie, Casino Royale, featured two Seamaster models: the Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial and the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial. The latter was a larger and more robust watch, suitable for the intense stunts and chases that Craig performed. The Planet Ocean 600M also had a black dial and bezel, giving it a more stealthy and sophisticated look.

Daniel Craig Omega Seamaster


The Planet Ocean 600M continued to be Craig’s preferred watch in the next two movies: Quantum of Solace (2008) and Skyfall (2012). However, in Skyfall, he also wore a Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M, a more refined and elegant watch that matched his tailored suits and formal occasions. The Aqua Terra 150M had a distinctive blue dial that recalled Omega’s maritime heritage and Bond’s naval background.

In 2015, Omega released a limited-edition watch to celebrate the 24th Bond movie, Spectre. The watch was the Seamaster 300 SPECTRE, a vintage-inspired timepiece that paid homage to the first Seamaster 300 from 1957. The watch had a black and grey NATO strap, a rare lollipop seconds hand, and a “007” engraving on the bracelet clasp. The watch was also featured in the movie, as Bond received it from Q as a gadget. The Seamaster 300 SPECTRE was a hit among fans and collectors, as it sold out quickly and became a highly sought-after model.

The latest Bond movie, No Time To Die (2021), also introduced a new Seamaster model: the Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition. This watch was specially designed for Bond, as Omega collaborated with Craig and the filmmakers to create a watch that suited Bond’s character and needs. The watch was made from lightweight and durable titanium, and had a brown tropical dial and bezel, giving it a vintage and military feel. The watch also had some hidden details, such as a “007” engraving on the end-link, a broad arrow symbol on the dial, and a secret number on the caseback.

The broad arrow symbol on a watch is a representation of a metal arrowhead, tradionally used in heraldry, most notably in England, and later by the British Government to mark government property, On watches, the broad arrow is a symbol on the dial of military issue watches. The Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition was not only a prop for the movie, but also a commercial product that fans could buy and wear. It is still available as I’m writing this blog, and attracts a hefty premium to the standard stainless steel, non-Bond Seamaster Diver.

The James Bond Omega Seamaster is more than just a watch. It is a piece of cinematic history, a reflection of Bond’s evolution, and a testament to Omega’s craftsmanship and innovation. The Seamaster is a watch that has accompanied Bond through his adventures, challenges, and is seen in memorable classic movie scenes. The Bond watch is part of cinematic history and is central to the character’s identity. The Seamaster is a timeless bond (pardon the pun) between Omega and 007, and between the watch and the wearer.

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