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The Nato Strap: More than just a watch accessory

The Nato Strap

The nato strap is a simple but versatile accessory that can transform the look of any watch. But where did it come from and what makes it so special?

The nato strap was originally introduced by the British Ministry of Defence as a durable and practical option. It was nicknamed the G10, as soldiers had to fill out a G1098 form to get one. The strap was made of nylon, 20mm wide, and had a grey colour. In fact, it was only available originally in one colour, “Admiralty Grey”. It also had a unique design that looped under the watch case and through the spring bars, ensuring that the watch would stay on the wrist even if one of the bars broke.

The nato strap gained popularity when it was worn by James Bond in several movies, starting with Goldfinger in 1964. You can see the strap on the Rolex Submariner that Bond is wearing in the pre-title sequence. The strap added a touch of style and contrast to the elegant watches worn by the famous spy. Since then, the nato strap has become a fashion statement that can be found in various colours, patterns, and materials. It can also fit different types of watches, from sporty to dressy. The latest Omega Seamaster that Daniel Craig wears in No time to Die, can also be purchased with a Nato strap continuing the Bond association with Nato straps originally starting with Goldfinger.

You’ve probably also heard the term ‘Zulu’ strap. So what’s the difference between the Zulu strap and the Nato?

  • A NATO strap has a second layer of fabric that acts as a failsafe in case one of the spring bars breaks or comes loose. A Zulu strap only has one layer of fabric according to
  • Additionally, the Nato strap has a thinner and more rectangular buckle and keepers, while the Zulu strap has a rounder and thicker set of hardware according to the same source.

The nato strap is more than just a watch band. It is a piece of history and culture that reflects the military heritage and the adventurous spirit of its wearers. It is a watch band that combines functionality and versatility with simplicity and elegance. It is a watch band that can transform the look of any watch and suit any occasion. It is a watch band that has a story to tell.